stackstac.xyztile_of_array(arr, x, y, z, interpolation='linear', tilesize=256)

Slice an XYZ tile out of a DataArray. Returns None if the tile does not overlap.

x, y, and z should follow the “slippy map” tiling scheme used by OSM/Google (the standard scheme for most web maps).

Requires the mercantile package (installed automatically with 'stackstac[viz]').


This method is very slow on large arrays due to inefficiencies in generating the dask graphs. (The graphs should compute quickly, but generating and optimizing them is very slow.)

  • arr (DataArray) – DataArray to extract a map tile from. Must have x and y, and the epsg coordinate set.

  • x (int) – X index of the tile

  • y (int) – Y index of the tile

  • z (int) – Zoom level of the tile

  • interpolation (Literal[‘linear’, ‘nearest’]) – Interpolation method to use while reprojecting: "linear" or "nearest" (default "linear"). Use "linear" for continuous data, such as imagery, SAR, DEMs, weather data, etc. Use "nearest" for discrete/categorical data, such as classification maps.

  • tilesize (int) – The length of the edge of the tile, in pixels.


Reprojected slice of arr corresponding to the tile, or None if arr didn’t overlap the tile.

Return type

xarray.DataArray or None