Internal API reference#

You shouldn’t need to look here unless you’re curious, but while this library is still so not-production-ready, you might need to understand some of these internal types for now.

rio_env.LayeredEnv(always[, open, open_vrt, ...])

Manage GDAL configuration options for different situations (always, opening, reading).

raster_spec.RasterSpec(epsg, bounds, ...)

Spatial parameters defining the grid for a raster.

reader_protocol.Reader(*args, **kwargs)

Protocol for a thread-safe, lazily-loaded object for reading data from a single-band STAC asset.

rio_reader.AutoParallelRioReader(*, url, ...)

rasterio-based Reader that picks the appropriate concurrency mechanism after opening the file.

rio_reader.ThreadLocalRioDataset(env, ds[, vrt])

Creates a copy of the dataset and VRT for every thread that reads from it.

rio_reader.SingleThreadedRioDataset(env, ds)

Interface for a rasterio dataset whose driver is inherently single-threaded (like hdf5).

reader_protocol.FakeReader(*, dtype, **kwargs)

Fake Reader that just returns random numbers.